The ordered goods is generally ship within 2 days from the receipt of the order and delivered from Artoni courrier for Italy and Europe. The necessary time for the delivery change from 2 to 6 days according to the city of destination for Italy, about 8 days for Europe and about 20 days for Extra europe country.


Minimum order for UE Euro 500,00 for EXTRA UE min. order Euro 1.000
 (tax excluse). The prices are Ex Works.

The order must be validated from Commercial Office.


The goods will be shipped and packed with care in order to not be damage during the transport without any debt of transport and packing costs.

Essebi ask that the customer control the integrity of the goods when it arrives and that the number of pack coincide with those writes on the document bill: in case that the receipt goods is missing or damege the customer must do this at the courrier and put riserve on bill of transport before the signature. If this won't be the responsibility will be at customer carrige.

Packaging and integrity of the goods

The goods will be shipped and packaged carefully so as not to be damaged during shipping and handling is free of charge.

It therefore requests that it checks the integrity of the goods upon arrival, checking the number of packages coincides with that indicated on the delivery note.

Important!  If delivered packages indicated on Bill of Loading may be missing or damaged, the customer must take responsibility to report it to the carrier and write on Bill of Loading ' ' I agree SUBJECT to VERIFICATION '' before signing in both copies. In case of omission of the term, you cannot open the insurance practice and then the responsibility will be borne by the customer.

We suggest to write in every case the words ' I AGREE SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION'



In case of defected goods Essebi take responsability to return it only if do this within 8 days from purchaising and only for reason and mistake imputable to the company. When the goods is returned it will be controlled and the raplace will be possible without debt of costs of transport. Contrary spent more than 8 days the replace will be make debting costs of transport.