Payment terms

Bank Check


The payment is made bycheck at the moment of the receipt of goods and intested to:

ESSEBI di Belluscio Santo


Mark cash


The payment can be made by Bank Check.

In case of Cash payment it is necessary put the words 'PAID' and the legible signature of courrier.


Advance Bank Transfer


IMPORTANT: before making the payment, be sure that the order made has been validated from Commercial Office.

The payment is made by advance bank transfer and intestead to:

ESSEBI di Belluscio Santo

Via Tommaso Cagnola, 20

28024 - Gozzano (NO)


The bank coordinates are:



COD. IBAN IT97S0311145220000000001042

ABI 006906

CAB 45220

C/C 1042



As soon as the payment is received (that is within 3-4 days) the goods will be despatch. In alternatives to save time the customer can sending by fax nr. +39 0322 912211 or by e-mail the bank receipt of payment containing the bank reference code CRO with whome will be care of our company to despatch the goods as soon as possible.


The rounding up of decimal amount for orders may very depending on program management used.