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  • Banch display with 2 floors on white plasticed iron wire, external size cm 29,5x31,5x37 + crowner 25h. Down floor can contain 16 spray mix deodorants Up floor can contain 9 liter bottles or 16 spray mix deodorants

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    Cod. 5061 Neutral bottle with handle 1 lt + drip cap with dispenser. Pack size 144pcs

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    Cod. 1445 High concentrated and scented liquid detergent with enzym and surfactants, depth romove all kind of stains to wash quilts and dirty linen. Active from 30° to 90°.

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    cod. 1434/A Super softening concentrated and particularly perfurmed. Give a strong softener effect to all fabric and leave a long-lasting perfurm also when clothing is dry.

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    Cod. 1450 All purpose detergent made ​​from a degreasing surfactants, ideal for white and colored fabrics with organic stains, duvets, etc.. It can be used as wildcard detergent adjunct with other detergents (Enzymatic, Bioclean, Detersmack)or as spray prespotting.  Thanks to its active ingredients Idrosol keeps the colors as new and revives them .

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    cod. 1436 Fabric softener formulated with double concentration of perfume for a higher yield over time even after drying clothes. Perfume of sweet aromas to the vanilla with bergamot contrasts.

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    ESSE 2 Specific antifiltering for wool, merinos, cashmire treatment.

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    cod. 1435 Super softening concentrated with microcaps to scent relase. White Musk scent, give a strong softener effect to all fabric and leave a long-lasting perfurm. cod. 1435    Kg. 10 cod. 1435/A Kg. 25

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  • cod. 1410/B Scented liquid detergent for washing wool garments, duvets and soft fabrics suitable for automatic dosing systems. The product contains a felting agent that helps to preserve the original softness of woolen garments and to prolong its life. Selan is also suitable for washing of silk garments or synthetic fabrics .

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    cod. 1443 Spotting product active oxygen-based which increases the cleaning, stain remover and sanitizing power, it works already at low temperatures (15 ° - 40 ° C) for both white and colored. Pack size tan of. 20 kg.

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    Label to apply to bottle with detailed information and how to use.

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