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  • Colour fixing agent. cod. 1560/A Tan of 20 kg. B.E. glacial 80% RESERV THE PRODUCT, CONTACT US

  • Hydrogen peroxide 130 vol. 35% 25 kg drums. Suitable for washing and sanitizing applications on clothing and fabrics. For biocide applications (disinfection of surfaces, water ..) see the CLARMARIN 350 certified product

    36,50 €
  • Sodium Hypochlorite. cod. 1601 kg. 25 vol. 14-15% BE Suitable for washing and pre-washing applications of garments and fabrics. THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE USED FOR BIOCIDE APPLICATIONS (sanitizing surfaces, equipment, water, etc.) For biocide applications (water treatment ..) see the certified product CL-EAN PURE BIO

    24,50 €
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    cod. 1620/A Liquid detergent higly alkaline for industrial prewashing of linen and tableclothes for washing machine with doser. It can be used as additive with liquid detergent as Total Wash or powder detergent as Esse p3, Esse Pd and Esse Pdso. Buy TOTAL WASH+BIANCOBASE 15% DISCOUNT DISCOUNT CODE 'WASHCOMBI' only until June 30th

    50,00 €
  • Sodium Hypochlorite vol. 14-15% BE Biocidal applications (pool water treatment, wastewater treatment, water purification) cod. 1601 kg. 25

    32,50 €
  • cod. 1590 Salt tablets for anti limestone. Pack size of 25 kg.

    13,50 €
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