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    Disin-IC is the ideal product for the correct maintenance of machines subject to the formation of limestone deposits, such as washing machines and dishwashers. If not removed, limescale isolates the coils and clogs the nozzles, resulting in decay performance; unsatisfactory washing and even serious equipment failures.

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    cod. 1790 50 ml single-dose sachet for vending machines. Pack of 200 pcs. Piumello liquid detergent specific for washing wool, silk, delicate items and down-filled items. It performs an anti-felting action while maintaining the integrity of the fibers, with high washing power active on any type of dirt, especially on grease and protein stains.

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    SPECIAL PACKAGING EXCLUSIVELY FOR SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRIES Single-dose sachet consisting of 3 non-woven sheets in boxes of 200 pcs. The filter structure of the COLOR SAFETY sheet absorbs the colors dispersed during washing, preventing your garments from getting stained. The sheet after washing is colored.

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