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    Scented detergent for washing in water even particularly delicate clothes. It can be used on undergarments, shirts,knitwear, classic, sports and work clothing, household linen, modern fibers, etc. Eliminates dirt of any nature such as greasy, thin, oily, corporal, etc. Active from 30 ° to 60 ° both for washing machines and for automatic dosing system.

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    cod. 1370/A Concentrated liquid detergent degreasing action, based on tensioactives for linen, tableclothes and very dirty clothes. Ideal for authomatic washing system. Active at all temperature from 30° to 90°. Buy TOTAL WASH + BIANCOBASE 15% DISCOUNT DISCOUNT CODE 'WASHCOMBI' only until June 30th

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  • Detergent for washing machine savecolour. It contains a fixative to prevent the loss of colour for the blacks and coloured heads, leaving them as new. For BLACK and COLOURED clothes.

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  • cod. 5021 Cap with plastic tap for tan of 10-25-50 kg.

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  • cod. 5040 Pressure regulator for tan of 10 lt and 25 lt.

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    Strongly wetting perfumed detergent quickly penetrates the fibers, dissolving even the most stubborn dirt even at 30 ° C. Its immediate and deep action makes it an exceptional product in particular on white, colored and synthetic garments respecting the colors and without damaging the fibers. Suitable for washing linen, duvets, dirty clothes, colored...

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    Perfumed liquid detergent for the specific treatment and washing of feathers such as duvets cloths, duvets or synthetic wadding such as quilts but also windbreakers. Degreasing action for organic stains.

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  • Idrosol is a detergent based on surfactants with a degreasing action, ideal for both whites and colours, specific for eliminating the most stubborn greasy dirt. It can be used for washing work overalls, overalls or very dirty clothing.

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    Delicate floral liquid detergent for washing wool, cashmere, silk and delicate cotton fabrics or synthetic fabrics. The product is formulated with nutritional elements that help preserve the original softness of the wool and extend its life.

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