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    Roll of 50 precutted sheets absorb color, for professional use. It catches colors during the water washing. Sheet dimention cm 20,3x46 10% OFF BUYING BOX OF 9 ROLLS

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    Pure liquid starch for the treatment of table-center, tableclothes, curtain ext.. 

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  • NO FELT is a washing aid additive that protects and prevents wool from felting. It is a regenerating treatment for wool, delicate garments, cashmere. It prevents felting and restores the natural softness of the fibres, avoiding shrinkage of the fabrics, giving them a soft and soft feel. 5 TANS 25% OFF € 20,10/tan

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  • Cod. 1658 Additive save-colour, retains the color into the fibers and prevents the transfer during washing., prevents the deposition of the color disappeared, prevents the tissues lose their color by purchasing the effect faded. Does not halon and makes the bright colors.

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  • Resitex is an innovative resin, without fluorocarbon derivatives, emulsifiable in cold water and capable of giving fabrics the following effects: 1 - Water repellent effect 2 - Oleophobic effect 3 - Anti-dirt effect 4 - Anti-stain effect The fabric treated with Resimon, in addition to displaying all the aforementioned properties, also maintains...

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