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These formulations, once used above all at 60 °C, now dissolve well even at low temperatures (30 °C). Active oxygen is an ecological and biodegradable sanitizer which, once dispersed, decomposes without causing damage to the environment. At the same time, it performs a cleaning, sanitizing action and helps remove stains thanks to the oxygen released in contact with water to sodium carbonate.

They contain ingredients capable of overcoming the hardness of the water and dissolving dirt and specific enzymes that destroy the organic particles of stains. This makes them particularly suitable for white garments, because they contain bleaches or additives based on active oxygen. They are therefore perfect for washing sheets, towels and other commonly used items.

Our detergents are formulated with ingredients that comply with the CE regulation and with low environmental impact components. Below we report our complete line for both traditional washing of clothes and linen and industrial washing of sponges and tablecloths.

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    Highly water-soluble perfumed powder detergent even at low temperatures, making it maximum efficiency in removing dirt, even on commonly used white and colored garments, the presence of optical brighteners performs a color brightening and whitening action, the enzymes also help in removal of organic stains.

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  • Powder detergent with oxygen-based activator, more effective on stubborn dirt and stains. The presence of active oxygen guarantees complete hygiene and helps to remove fungi and bacteria. It offers the maximum yield in removing dirt in temperatures from 60 to 90°C, with Esse P3 you can wash clothes, linen, tablecloths, sponges and resistant colours.

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