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  • Additive for washing machine active from 60° to 90°. Ideal to adding at powder detergent to remove stubborn stains difficult to treat.

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  • cod. 1480 Decolorizing powder. It smooths and eliminates colours absorbed from other fabrics. To be used by hand: Mix 20 gr. of products every kilo of dry linen. To make dissolve the products in a container, dip the laundry e leave to act for some minut. It act from 30° to 90°. For delicate clothes and colours use warm wather. Pack size of 1 kg.

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  • cod. 1490 Bleaching for all fabrics. To be used by hand. Pack size of 1 kg.

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  • Colour fixing agent. cod. 1560/A Tan of 20 kg. B.E. glacial 80% RESERV THE PRODUCT, CONTACT US

  • Idrosol is a detergent based on surfactants with a degreasing action, ideal for both whites and colours, specific for eliminating the most stubborn greasy dirt. It can be used for washing work overalls, overalls or very dirty clothing.

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    Pure liquid starch for the treatment of table-center, tableclothes, curtain ext.. 

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  • NO FELT is a washing aid additive that protects and prevents wool from felting. It is a regenerating treatment for wool, delicate garments, cashmere. It prevents felting and restores the natural softness of the fibres, avoiding shrinkage of the fabrics, giving them a soft and soft feel. 5 TANS 25% OFF € 20,10/tan

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  • Hydrogen peroxide 130 vol. 35% 25 kg drums. Suitable for washing and sanitizing applications on clothing and fabrics. For biocide applications (disinfection of surfaces, water ..) see the CLARMARIN 350 certified product

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  • Sodium Hypochlorite. cod. 1601 kg. 25 vol. 14-15% BE Suitable for washing and pre-washing applications of garments and fabrics. THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE USED FOR BIOCIDE APPLICATIONS (sanitizing surfaces, equipment, water, etc.) For biocide applications (water treatment ..) see the certified product CL-EAN PURE BIO

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    cod. 1620/A Liquid detergent higly alkaline for industrial prewashing of linen and tableclothes for washing machine with doser. It can be used as additive with liquid detergent as Total Wash or powder detergent as Esse p3, Esse Pd and Esse Pdso.

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  • cod. 1590 Salt tablets for anti limestone. Pack size of 25 kg.

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  • cod. 5021 Cap with plastic tap for tan of 10-25-50 kg.

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    Biosantex useful for specifically sanitizing and disinfecting from germs and bacteria by removing impurities and harmful substances from clothing, even professional ones where a high level of hygiene is required.

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  • Additive in powder with an oxygen-based stain-removing, bleaching and sanitizing action to remove stubborn stains and to restore brightness and whiteness to yellowed or graying white garments. Ideal for curtains, sheets, shirts, tablecloths and all resistant white and colored fabrics except wool, silk and weak colors.Active even at low temperatures from...

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  • cod. 1443 Bleaching product active oxygen-based which increases the cleaning, stain remover and sanitizing power, it works already at low temperatures (15 ° - 40 ° C) for both white and colored and for yellowed garments.

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    Biosantex useful for hygienizing and eliminating germs and bacteria from clothing, even professional ones where a high degree of hygiene is required. Usage at last rinse. Biosantex also has a neutralizing action on stubborn odors on the tissues. Spray the product on the affected part and leave for a few minutes, then proceed with normal washing.

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  • Cod. 1658 Additive save-colour, retains the color into the fibers and prevents the transfer during washing., prevents the deposition of the color disappeared, prevents the tissues lose their color by purchasing the effect faded. Does not halon and makes the bright colors.

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    Roll of 50 precutted sheets absorb color, for professional use. It catches colors during the water washing. Sheet dimention cm 20,3x46 10% OFF BUYING BOX OF 9 ROLLS

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  • Sodium Hypochlorite vol. 14-15% BE Biocidal applications (pool water treatment, wastewater treatment, water purification) cod. 1601 kg. 25

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  • Disin-IC is the ideal product for the correct maintenance of machines subject to the formation of limestone deposits, such as washing machines and dishwashers. If not removed, limescale isolates the coils and clogs the nozzles, resulting in decay performance; unsatisfactory washing and even serious equipment failures.

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  • Sodium percarbonate is an ecological whitener with disinfectant and antibacterial properties, very useful for removing stains from laundry. 25 kg bag.

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