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Dirty laundry? Can't find the right formula to remove stains from sauce, wine, oil, lipstick, blood, dirt, sunscreen, etc.?

Find the right washing combination and the right product for the washing steps.

A preventive analysis will allow you to intervene on the expected result. It is normal for some items to come out of the washing machine not perfectly clean. In a laundry that operates with the correct washing formula, 5 – 10% of waste is considered normal. Waste is usually the result of particular stains. The best way to treat waste is to accumulate a quantity sufficient to make up one load of the machine. The waste mass will then be subjected to a particular treatment. The items that make up a washing formula can be increased or decreased in relation to the degree of dirt. Below we indicate the common washing phases and the related products that we recommend to obtain an optimal result for the treatment of these items.


Pre-washing is an important initial phase as it eliminates as much dirt as possible and facilitates the next phase. It also allows the reduction of the dose of the product used in the washing phase. Generally it is carried out with purified water and temperatures of 40-50° with a bath ratio of 1:5 lasting 7-15'. It is possible to proceed with a basic chemical to oxidize stains combined with a specific product.


It is a concentrated alkaline-based liquid product; the mixture of sequestering agents used guarantee a perfect synergy to obtain the best effects on greasy dirt. It is used in professional wash cycles by adding it to detergents to enhance its action and to pre-wash very dirty table linens. Do you need help? Request assistance from our Customer Service or request a Wash Program


Washing is carried out with purified water and is generally carried out at temperatures from 60 to 90° with a bath ratio of 1:4 or 1:5 lasting 15-20' with a washing product. Washing has the function of eliminating the last traces of dirt. When dirty fabrics are introduced, the pH decreases with negative effects on washing. If a good source of alkalinity has been used, the introduction of acidic soils into the cleaning solution has little effect on the pH. This means that the detergent remains active throughout all washing phases. The function of alkaline agents is therefore to keep dirt suspended in the water, as well as to prevent precipitation on the fibers or on the surfaces of the equipment. They therefore allow better rinsing, better washing and suspension of dirt.

TOTAL WASH is a complete product with high washing power for both light and colored laundry.

TOTAL WASH - PH 9.0 +/- 1.0

Detergent complete with non-ionic surfactants for washing table linens, sponges, linens, overalls, work overalls... Combined with BIANCOBASE the washing phase reaches an ideal PH for removing the most stubborn dirt.

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    cod. 1370/A Concentrated liquid detergent degreasing action, based on tensioactives for linen, tableclothes and very dirty clothes. Ideal for authomatic washing system. Active at all temperature from 30° to 90°. Buy TOTAL WASH + BIANCOBASE 15% DISCOUNT DISCOUNT CODE 'WASHCOMBI' only until June 30th

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    cod. 1620/A Liquid detergent higly alkaline for industrial prewashing of linen and tableclothes for washing machine with doser. It can be used as additive with liquid detergent as Total Wash or powder detergent as Esse p3, Esse Pd and Esse Pdso. Buy TOTAL WASH+BIANCOBASE 15% DISCOUNT DISCOUNT CODE 'WASHCOMBI' only until June 30th

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  • Sodium Hypochlorite. cod. 1601 kg. 25 vol. 14-15% BE Suitable for washing and pre-washing applications of garments and fabrics. THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE USED FOR BIOCIDE APPLICATIONS (sanitizing surfaces, equipment, water, etc.) For biocide applications (water treatment ..) see the certified product CL-EAN PURE BIO

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  • Hydrogen peroxide 130 vol. 35% 25 kg drums. Suitable for washing and sanitizing applications on clothing and fabrics. For biocide applications (disinfection of surfaces, water ..) see the CLARMARIN 350 certified product

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    cod. 1625/A Neutralizing liquid to remove residual alkalin odors as a result of pre-washing and washing with hypochlorite or alkaline products of tablecloths, linen sponges etc .. Using at the last rinse. Pack size tan of 25 kg. ON REQUEST

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  • Colour fixing agent. cod. 1560/A Tan of 20 kg. B.E. glacial 80% RESERV THE PRODUCT, CONTACT US

  • Idrosol is a detergent based on surfactants with a degreasing action, ideal for both whites and colours, specific for eliminating the most stubborn greasy dirt. It can be used for washing work overalls, overalls or very dirty clothing or for the recovery of table linen waste showing greasy stains.

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    Peracetic acid. Tan of 25 kg. AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

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