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  • Universal Ironing table (cm 107x38), hood, heated and blowing, with card and electronic control panel with 3 lt stainless boiler. electronically controlled automatic, exhaust fan & blower from 0.2 hp., complete with pump and iron (2 KW Boiler). ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Universal Ironing table (cm120x40), exhsausting, heating and blowing, with 0.5 hp cleaner. and blower motor from 0.2 hp. Without boiler, to be connected to external steam supply. Optionale: iron arm, wire, light, balancer.

    950,00 €
  • Universal Ironing table, exhausting, heated, steaming and blowing, with aluminium top, card and electronic control panel, automatic boiler by 10 lt, complete with pump and professional steam iron (6-7 .5 KW Boiler).

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